Tuesday, 13 December 2016


There's only 3 days,until I become a leader of point england the moment i have had a good year and i have made many friends at this school.also i have enjoyed all the trips that i went to. next year i will make all my work on my blog.I can't wait for next year so bring on 2017.

summer learning journey activity 2 week 1

3 facts about canada
  1. canada is the most educated country in the world, because over half of canada's residents have scolarships and degrees.
  2. residents of churchill in canada leaves cars unlocked for people that get attacked polar bears.
  3.   the canada border is one of the biggest borders in the world and it lacks military defence.

summer learning journey activity 1 week 1

 I would definitely go to canada because they always have a lot of food in canada so they have big shopping malls.Also they have nice and friendly people and when it is winter it snows in canada so thats why i would like to go to canada.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

we are learning about how to write a film review which means that after you watch a movie or book.You write what you like about it and you write about what was good about the charcters,the lighting,the sound,the setting and the editing so to get to my film review click on the link

Thursday, 22 September 2016

reflection term 3 2016

This term was a pretty good term this first iv’e liked the events   that have happened like seeing hiwi the kiwi as well as the american artists come to point england.the funny thing in this term was when my friend cristian got RKOed by my other friend chyrus.i know that i have 10 weeks left in term 4 when i become one of the leaders of point england school as a year 8 so i’m looking forward to well i’ve looking forward to seeing new year 7s leave team 4 and join team 5 so i can get to meet some new people that are moving from primary school into intermediate.on behalf on me i would like to thank all the teachers in team 5 for helping me through term 3 and i’m ready to take on year 8.but theres one question i need to ask myself”if i’m going to become year 8 shouldn’t i change my attutude and how i talk to people because if i do that i would be an successful year 8.