Wednesday, 25 October 2017

The History Of Labour Day

Hello Readers Today Have you ever wondered why I did this...I have done this on behalf of a little known person named Samuel Parnell.Samuel Parnell is the person that reckoned that people is New Zealand should have 8 hour days,And that established a day which is now known as Labour Day.I hope you enjoy reading my writing and I hope that you please leave a comment.
What Labour Day actually celebrates.  
Title - What you will be explaining
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Information - Explain the elements or steps in a logical sequence
Conclusion - Final summarising statement, an evaluation or comment about what you have explained.

History Of Labour Day
Labour day… We usually don't celebrate labour day as much.But it is important.people sometimes  wonder what is important labour day is about . However ur in luck Today because I will tell you what labour day is about… Firstly Labour day is the exact day that new zealanders all over new zealand had fought for a 8 hour day.We celebrate Labour day every year to celebrate the workers rights...

  • The hours we work for
  • The Payment
  • And our Unions...

1st idea
Labour day...Labour day is a extremely special day for new zealanders all over new zealand because… If u don't know this But Ever since 1847.New Zealand had at least a minimum of 10 hour days and a maximum of 12 hour day. Until one day a little known man named samuel parnell had decided to change that.He reckoned that new zealanders should only work 8 hours each day and he succeed in 1840 with a day which is now known as Labour day.

2nd idea
We are so lucky that us,our parents,and the rest of our families are only having to work 8 hours a day.I think that samuel parnell didn’t want to have 10 or 12 hour days because maybe people are working long hours and are probably not getting enough money to support their families and I don't blame samuel parnell just because he wanted to help new zealanders that were struggling and he changed that.

3rd idea
Samuel Parnell is an extraordinary man.It must of been hard for
Him to do what he did.It seems that he was thinking about more than himself but however he did it mainly for himself and the people.Thanks to samuel parnell for changing the whole of NEW ZEALAND.

Lastly as I say this again… we give thanks to Samuel Parnell just because of what he did for new zealand and we should honor him in a way that he was a hero to the whole of new zealand.Because of the greatness that he showed us and what Samuel parnell dfid for us and we should respect this person gradually.Thank You Samuel Parnell.


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