Thursday, 27 July 2017

splitting numbers to solve addition and subtraction problems

Hello readers today I have been learning to split numbers into hundredths tenths ones and tens to solve subtraction problems so I hope you enjoy and please leave a comment so thank you and bye

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Immersion Assembly Term 3

Hello readers today is the first day of the term and I am excited to be back so enjoy what has happened today and please leave a comment.

Today we had the first day of term 3.As I arrived at school I got to see some of my mates and we got to catch up with each other and the bell went for 8.30 so I went to class and got to say hello to some of the teachers and we had our karakia and mihi as well as a waiata thich was wairua tapu,after that we looked at our notices and our programme for today then went to the hall for the immersion assembly.first the lights turned off and Mr Sommerville flew his drone in the hall and then after that we saw all the presentations that all the teachers had made and first was…

Team 1-Team 1 was learning about the sun and the moon and outer space.

Team 2-Team 2 was learning about the sun and the moon as well as outer space

Team 3-Team 3 was learning about time in the solar system

Team 4- Team 4 was learning about what it would be like if we didn’t look after the earth and we had to find a different place

Team 5- Team 5 are learning about what impact does the moon have on the earth

Firstly Team 1 made a movie about 6 teachers that went in their cars and they went to outer space and also went to the moon and to the sun but their class was missing them so they went back to school.

Secondly Team 2 also made a movie about 4 teachers that lived in outer space,they had space costumes and instruments and they were singing and dancing.

Thirdly Team 3 made a movie about how the moon and the sun affect time in seasons like summer,autumn,winter and spring.

Fourthly Team 4 made a movie about how humans are not looking after our environment and seas and because of all the polluting and cutting of trees and etc,we are losing our world and if we do not look after our environment then we are going to lose our planet and then we have to look for another planet to live on.

Lastly Team 5 did a song about space and how the moon has an impact on the entire world and also we have to also care for our environment.