Thursday, 22 September 2016

reflection term 3 2016

This term was a pretty good term this first iv’e liked the events   that have happened like seeing hiwi the kiwi as well as the american artists come to point england.the funny thing in this term was when my friend cristian got RKOed by my other friend chyrus.i know that i have 10 weeks left in term 4 when i become one of the leaders of point england school as a year 8 so i’m looking forward to well i’ve looking forward to seeing new year 7s leave team 4 and join team 5 so i can get to meet some new people that are moving from primary school into intermediate.on behalf on me i would like to thank all the teachers in team 5 for helping me through term 3 and i’m ready to take on year 8.but theres one question i need to ask myself”if i’m going to become year 8 shouldn’t i change my attutude and how i talk to people because if i do that i would be an successful year 8.

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