Friday, 17 March 2017

My awesome time at polyfest

My Awesome Time At Polyfest

hi everyone to start off have you ever been to POLYFEST before? because,if you never been before then i can tell you that there is lots of stages like the diversity stage and the as well as the niuean stage,tongan stage,samoan stage,maori stage and the cook island stage.also there was lots of food and drinks that were on for sale so polyfest wasn't only cool,it was very intresting because out off all the fun,i got to learn other cultures that i had never learn't before so it was a good experience.also did you know that when i went to polyfest that there was this place that was sponsored by te wananga o aoteroa that got people to do a survey and then you get to ride this bike looking thing and you blend a smoothie and when you are finished the staff pour the smoothie into a cup and you get to drink it for free.lastly polyfest is fun and educational so it's worth going i guarantee it is awesome. 

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