Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Flounder Catching

 Hello Readers today Point England School was filled with joy as we walked through a street called riverside avenue and then another street called riki street to see our flounder team try to catch some flounder.

Everywhere around new zealand,our flounder is in danger of extinction and point england school has submitted a partnership with another school called Kauri Flats School and together point England school and kauri flats have committed to farming baby flounder to help them grow and ensure their survival.

As we reached the beach,our entire school sang a waiata ( song ) to support our flounder team and after that we did a karakia ( prayer ) to pray that our flounder team would catch some flounder to farm and look after so the flounder cam grow and so the flounder population can increase.

After that,it was time to leave so we took one last look at our flounder team then left back to school.In my opinion i think that we must protect our flounder to becoming extinct.

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